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WWII Death Count Per Country:

12 million
17 million
29 million

3.25 million
2.44 million
5.69 million
Great Britain
United States
1. We can see by this chart that both sides (United States and Russia) have greatly different casualties. In one hand, The USA lost only 413 000 men during the war while USSR lost about 29 million men; they lost more that 70 times more that the US. This is directly link to the question why did the peace collapse.USA had lost a small amount of soldiers and they were complaining about it, Stalin found it totally loathsome. USSR claimed that they needed more territory to recover from the Eastern Europe because of all these deaths and devastation caused by WW2. However, Truman had fears because he knew that if USSR took these countries, they would turn communist. The problem is, since the League of Nation, USA wanted that those countries stay independent and, particularly, democratic.

external image During+Finnish+attack+phase+of+the+war+in+1941+Soviet+casualties+were+huge



  • USSR: 65%
  • USA: 2%
  • Britain: 2%
  • Others: 31%


  • Japan: 24%
  • Italy: 4%
  • Germany: 64%
  • Others: 8%


2. Another reason why the peace collapse was that both of USSR and USA had the same enemy, which was Germany with Hitler. Some of you may think it is good but when it comes to delimit the territory won, it is always harder when there is two person willing to have it. Germany was split in two: West with USA and democracy and East with USSR and communism.
Also, during the war, Hitler's troop were passing through USSR's army, so Stalin asked Britain and the United States for help to battle Germany on two fronts. However, it took them 4 years to do it. While these years, Stalin felt betrayed and had suspicion on the delay of the second front. With further analysis, we can see that the ''peace'' between those two counties was for the war, although Truman thought that it would last, because he trusted Stalin, it was not the same for Joseph Stalin; he never thought that peace would last because he never trusted anyone else.

The damage in the city

The attack in Hamburg

Hamburg after the attack

In the attack of Hamburg 40,000 people killed in the attack of Hamburg 1943, and 1 million became homeless, most
these people were children and women.

"We found this petrol station. It was situated in the middle of the flattened area but the whole workforce that belonged t it lay dead.
We saw thousands of dead bodies, not hundreds but thousands. Some lay in great piles and I took some film and some photographs
of these bodies, but I had to stop. I just couldn’t take it all in. it was mainly women and children who had been killed in the firestorm
, just lying there”
a firefighter in Hamburg in 1943


external image unrra.gif
The United Nations Relief and rehabilitation Administration was set in 1943 to help the WW2 refugees. UNRRA provided billions of US dollars of rehabilitation aid, and helped about 8 million refugees.he purpose of UNRRA was to "plan, co-ordinate, administer or arrange for the administration of measures for the relief of victims of war in any area under the control of any of the United Nations through the provision of food, fuel, clothing, shelter and other basic necessities, medical and other essential services"


The International Refugee Organisation (IRO) was founded on 20 April 1946 to deal with the massive refugees created by WW2, replace the UNRRA. The principal actions of this organisation was to help Germans who had been expelled, or were to be expelled from their countries of birth into the postwar Germany. Since it was a ''Allied'' organisation, it only took action in areas controlled by Western armies of occupation.
external image 250px-Alternative_Refugee_Organization.png


The United Nations High commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) has been established the 14 December 1950. It has been by far the most effective organisation of the three, winning two Nobel prizes in 1954 and 1981. The principal function of the UNHCR was ''to mandated to lead and co-ordinate international action to protect refugees and resolve refugee problems worldwide.''

As of 1 January 2007, UNHCR reported a total of 21 018 589 individuals falling under its mandate.
  • 7 979 251 in Asia, of which
    • 2 580 638 in the Middle-East
    • 2 974 315 in South-East Asia
    • 218 584 in Central Asia
    • 1 304 189 in South Asia
    • 901 525 in East Asia and the Pacific

  • 4 740 392 in Europe, of which
    • 1 617 214 in Eastern Europe
    • 708 132 in South-East Europe
    • 616 132 in Central Europe and in the Baltic States
    • 1 798 914 in Western Europe

  • 5 069 123 in Africa, of which
    • 1 359 175 in Central Africa and the Great Lakes region
    • 2 105 314 in Eastern Africa
    • 1 031 030 in Western Africa
    • 434 427 in the Southern African region
    • 139 177 in North Africa

  • 3 229 822 in America, of which
    • 717 545 in North America and in the Caribbean
    • 2 512 277 in South America

  • As of April 2008, the UNHCR employed a staff of 6,351 people in 117 countries
  • external image 60px-Small_Flag_of_the_United_Nations_ZP.svg.png

  • USAAF: United-States Army Air Force (USA air force)
  • external image Patch_USAAF.png
  • RAF: Royal Air Force (Britain's air force)
  • external image 600px-raf_roundelsvg.png

  • Luftwaffe: (Germany's air force)

  • File:Logo Luftwaffe.svg
    File:Logo Luftwaffe.svg

  • Bombing effort allover Europe
external image NA004672.jpg
Total RAF
external image daylightbombingofgermany.gif

Grand Total
The U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey estimated that at a minimum 305,000 were killed in German cities due to bombing and estimated a minimum of 780,000 wounded. Roughly 7,500,000 German civilians were also rendered homeless.
  • In addition to the minimum figure given in the Strategic bombing survey the number of people killed by Allied bombing in Germany have been estimated at between 400,000 and 600,000. In the UK 60,595 British were killed by German bombing, and in France 67,078 French were killed by US-UK bombing.
  • external image BE034788.jpg
  • (Bombing on Amsterdam in 1944)

3. The army of both America and Britain had improve to fight the war. Afterwards, Truman thought that to win over communism, he had to act strong. He indirectly threatened Stalin with his big army to ask him for help in Japan. However, the point is that Stalin did not trust anybody, he have no faith in Truman, Churchill or democracy.