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What was the situation in Greece?

In 1944, the German left Greece, since they were about to be defeated. During this period, two rivals groups were formed; the monarchists and the communist. They both fought the Nazis, but now they were willing to rule the country. A major thing about this was that, in the beginning, Britain was helping the non-communist side to win, they were afraid that they would turn communist. But why did Stalin did not helped the rebels? Because of the percentages agreement. It was an agreement between Stalin and Churchill that gave Eastern Europe to Stalin and Greece (+Turkey) to Churchill. So in 1945, British troops were sent to, supposedly, to restore order in the country. However the British supported the monarchists, and the king was ultimately returned to power.

In 1946, Stalin protested to the UN that British was a threat to peace in Greece. What we must understand is that Stalin did not care at all about Greece, he only complained to look like he is worried, but he wasn't. The United Nation did nothing, so the communist from Greece took this opportunity and tried to take control by force.

So began the civil war. The British, who had no money declared on February 24, 1947, that they were leaving the war zone and going back to Britain. Truman, afraid that the communists would win, paid some British troops to stay. By 1950, the monarchists won, but the government was really weak and had no significant power.

Combat Forces
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What was the Truman Doctrine? This needs to be clear and factual. Use the word containment and explain clearly what it means.

One of Truman’s speeches aimed towards the involvement of America and relations with Europe, named Truman’s doctrine.

On 12 March 1947, the speech delivered to the American people stated clearly that America was going to stop Communism from spreading.

Truman did not mention any specific country or Political system.

‘’Every nation must choose between different ways of life ... We must help free peoples to work out their own destiny in their own way.’’
President Truman, speaking in March 1947.

Truman accepted that eastern europe became communist,but his aim was to stop the spread of communism.And he also wanted to supported his speech.

He made the speech to show the congress how dangerous Stalin is.And to show what Stalins aims are.He knew that with out frightening the congress they won't give him money.

Truman hated the communists.He also made the speech because he didn't needed Stalin any more .Hitler the common enemy was defeaded.other than Roosevelt he didn't need him to defead japan.because he no had the atom bomb.

He knew that Stalin and Roosevelt had an arangement but Stalin ddidn't keeped he thought why should he do it.He didn't like any of Stalins actions.


Why did Truman make this speech. Again be clear of motives noting need to convince Congress and his interpretation of Stalin's actions in Eastern Europe.

How did Stalin react to the Truman Doctrine. Explain his reaction.