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What was the COMINFORM?

What was the Czech Coup 1948?

Why did Stalin launch the Cominform?

What was the consequence of the Czech Coup of 1948?

The Czech Coup 1948
In February 1948 an event called the Czech Coup got all control of the Czechoslovakian government, it was the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia with the backing of the Soviets. On the 25th February President Beneš was worried a civil war would break out if he didn’t, he let Gottwalt lead a new government where ministers of the non-communist party weren’t included. This new government was made out of Communists and Pro-Moscow Social Democrats. The only non-communist was Jan Masayk who was in charge of common affaires, however 2 weeks later he was found dead. On May the 9th Czechoslovakia was declared the ‘People’s Democracy’. On the may elections a staggering 82.9% voted for Communists. All non-communist parties became loyal partners of the communists. Beneš resigned on the 2nd of June letting Gottwald take his place.
Its Consequences

  • Czechoslovakia suffered with four decades of communist dictatorship until the Velvet Revolution in 1989.
  • Worsened the cold war, fear of war aroused.
  • Helped the western countries unify against the communist bloc, it spend up the western alliance: Treaty of Brussels.
  • Countries were demanding concrete military forces and alliances against the USSR incase something happened.
  • For the USSR the coup couldn’t have come at a worse time, the USSR was seen as wanting to expand its territory.
  • The Marshall Plan was put straight into action after the Czech Coup.