Ideologies of the Super Powers

The USA and the Soviet Union had exteremely different ideologies. The USA believed in democracy and the freedom of choice while the Soviet Union believed in organizing labor and property in order to achieve common good of people. Naturally this led to tension betweed the two Super Powers as both wanted for their political beliefs to be accepted and enforced in European governments.


Soviet Union:

  • The Soviet Union was a communist country that was ruled by one powerful dictator - Stalin. It was a one-party state and had a secret police and censorship, which deprived people of their freedom.
  • The Soviet Union believed in collective property and organized labor which would lead to the "common good" of people.

"From each, according to their ability. To each, according to their need." Karl Marx in his 1875 Critique of the Gotha Program

  • Communism was seen as a good thing because it treated all its citizens as equals. Everyone was offered the same health care, the same food, the same education the same everything. People no longer had to worry and fight in order to become more wealthy, because that concept didn't even exist.
  • Stalin believed that a World Revolution would be inevitable, that at one point Communism would take over the world and that he had to aid this process.
  • Stalin also thought that war with the West was inevitable. He believed in Communism and its domination over democracy, dictatorship etc. therefore he thought that it was inevitable that all the countries in the world would become Communist.
(National dreams came true)


  • The USA was completely different - it was a capitalist democracy and the most important concept for them was freedom. Freedom to make your own life choices, freedom to make your own wealth, freedom to chose your government and freedom to live however you want. It was a two-party democracy that had absolute freedom of speech and beliefs.external image 00001822.jpg
  • The USA believed hat all countries should work towards World Peace and that it could only be achieved through democracy, national-self determination. They feared communism and believed that it deprived people of freedom which was so important to their country. The USA saw Germany as a trading partner and a prosperous democracy, however the USSR was slowly taking over Eastern Europe and this greatly alarmed the USA.
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Tension in Europe grew, Communism was spreading fast, both countries were still bitter about events that occured during World War Two, this made both Super Powers feel threatened by eachother. Both Super Powers had their own plans for Europe which naturally conflicted, as it could not be both Communist and Democratic. The USA belived in World Peace, democracy, national self-determination and competition while the Soviet Union believed in everyone being equal, working towards the common good of all people and inevitable war with the West. Therefore their confliction ideologies led to tension and in effect the Cold War.

The most important missing explanation is that the USA believed World Peace could only be achieved through national self determination, democracy and free trade. The importance of Stalins belief in the inevitable war with the West also needs to be explained more. I would leave out the detail about the Nazi-Soviet Pact.

A little bit of time developing this is needed.
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