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File:Atomic bombing of Japan.jpg
File:Atomic bombing of Japan.jpg


On August 6, 1945, the United States used its massive, atomic weapon against Japan. By dropping the atomic bomb, USA tried to put an end to the war.


  • 90 000 to 166 000 killed in Hiroshima by the bombing
  • 60 000 to 80 000 killed in Nagasaki by the bombing
  • 15-20% died from radiation sickness
  • 20-30% from flash burns
  • 50-60% from other injuries

Nagasaki before and after the bombing of USA

In a radius of 3 km there was no more shelther.
and 12 km2 of the hole city was destroyed


Hiroshima after the bombing

Hiroshima was the first city bombed by a atomic bomb. The bomb killed soldiers and civilians.

Here is a reenactment of the Hiroshima atomic bomb :

This cartoon of 11 August 1945 by the cartoonist Paul Carmack shows the
Atomic Bomb looming threateningly over the peace-makers. It was published
in the Christian Science Monitor, an American daily paper dedicated to
'nonhysterical journalism' (i.e. it tried to offer sensible and unbiased judgements on events).

The atomic bomb created tension all over the world. The power that this new weapon brought could lead to the destruction of human kind.

The power of the atomic bomb was more destructive than anything seen before. Cities like Hiroshima and Nagasaki (showed previously) introduced to the world the power and devastation that this bomb could bring, in matters of seconds this cities were destroyed.

The cartoon above express how the atomic bomb created the tension and forced nations to work together, to achieve peace. The atomic bomb is saying "a just and workable peace OR ELSE!" showing that the new weapon scared the nations, because another war would mean no more soldiers but atomic bombs flying from cities to cities devastating the world.

Future wars would be fought as "hot" wars because of the Atomic bomb, the wars now they would be "cold" wars.

A good prove for the fear the people had of the Atomic bomb was the Potsdam conference 1945.All the important leaders meet in Germany to decide how the going to split Germany.And Truman used the fear of the atomic bomb to get what he want.he used it because he was relative inexperience in dealing with foreign diplomats, but he was holding a trump card that would give him confidence in making demands of the other leaders. . .the atomic bomb. The most powerful and destructive armament to date, the atomic bomb was solely in the hands of the United States government.And this gave him the ability to satisfy his wants.with this trump card he could get what he wants.

The leaders in the Potsdam conference